Finding a reception venue is one of the first things we will have to settle on in planning your wedding. And afterwards all other details about your wedding day (colour, style, decoration, suppliers, etc.) will have to be worked out in a simple and timely manner. Επιλογή Χώρου Δεξίωσης Γάμου

Do you wonder what you should look for when searching for the perfect wedding reception venue? Here are some very important questions to consider before choosing the right venue!

1. How many guests do you want to invite and how many will have to travel to attend the wedding?

Have you envisioned a super big or a small intimate wedding? Your answer could determine the choice of a reception venue for your wedding. Why? Because a wedding is all about our guests. If you have many friends with young children, it is only natural that they should ask for attending an open and comfortable space. If you have some elderly relatives, you cannot expect them to have fun at a wedding party on some beach.

Although we will not be able to satisfy everyone’s expectations, we are likely to make certain compromises so as to satisfy the majority of our guests. And those who truly love us will show understanding.

Επιλογή Χώρου Δεξίωσης Γάμου

2. What are the most important features of your dream wedding?

What kind of wedding do you dream of? Do you care for something formal or something simple instead? A traditional or a modern wedding? Day or night? Indoors or outdoors? You can narrow your search for the perfect location by identifying the most important elements of your dream wedding, even before you start looking.

3. How much work are you willing (time constraints included) to put in?

Certain venues require much more work compared to others. The decisive factors are venue size (you will have to decorate a much larger part of the venue or to focus on multiple different parts or provisions) and provided services by the venue itself (there are venues that offer planning services, such as decoration, welcoming guests, transports, etc.)

4. What about the distance from the location where the wedding ceremony will be performed? 

Taking the aforementioned into account, you will have to consider whether the reception venue should be in close proximity to the location of the ceremony. If this is important, you may opt for a church (or chapel) right next to the reception venue.