Christmas table decoration for your event or your home

Decorate your table with a lavish garland, silver candlesticks and natural wood circle cutouts under the plates. You can place a small fir branch on the plates, or a piece of mistletoe tied with a delicate string or even take a cinnamon stick together with a place card featuring the name of each guest and wrap them with a string around the menu or a napkin.
If you want to add height and create a sense of grandeur, you should choose arrangements measuring over 40 cm as a table centerpiece. Clear or opaque glass pots in various shapes combined with Christmas ornaments (pine cones, painted branches, Christmas bulbs, mistletoe, fir, etc.) constitute a classic choice that will always do you proud. Certainly, with red being the ultimate Christmas colour, you should definitely include such a detail, mostly in your choice of flower arrangements.
Complete your decoration with fabrics decorating the table and the seats and let your guests feel the magic and warmth of Christmas.


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